About our office

About our office


Our Team

angelou+pappas architects

Vangelis Angelou

Vangelis Angelou (1961) studied Architectural Engineering at the University of Athens (1988). As a student, he was awarded the Thomaidis and the Technical Chamber of Greece Prize. As a freelancer he collaborated with the architectural office of Yannis Kizis and participated in major restoration and renovation projects.

Since 1993 he has been the founder of the architecture, design and construction office in Chalkida. He has created a number of private and public works, some of which have been published and awarded. He has participated in the Averoff building restoration of the University of Athens and was awarded the European prize of “Europa Nostra”.

angelou+pappas architects Spiros Pappas, Architect & Engineer

Spiros Pappas

Spiros Pappas (1973) studied Architectural Engineering at the University of Athens (1998) and received a Master of Architecture in London (MA in Architectural Design, Bartlett UCL, 2001) from which he graduated with distinction. He worked in the famous office Alsop Architects (2002 – 2003) participating in architectural competitions (Liverpool 4th Grace – 1st prize) and international works (OCAD Toronto).

Since 2003, he has joined the office and created a number of private and public projects in Greece. He also participated in several architectural competitions where he was distinguished (3rd prize in the regeneration of the municipal market of Chalkida, 3rd prize in the transformation of the industrial building of Arethousa in Chalkida into a timeless museum, etc.). His works are houses, renovations and public works such as squares, schools, etc.


Our Services

We provide design and supervision services for each construction project, including new projects, decorations and landscaping. Specialized in the field of renovations, we undertake from small renovations to larger projects and listed monuments.

Our individual services are:

Building permits, Constructions, Renovations,  Energy certificates, Topographic surveys.


Our Philosophy

Highly meticulous design is essential for all of our projects. It is mandatory for us to meet the special requirements of each client, within the framework of the desired investment budget, while calculating the most efficient solutions.

Innovation in design, new techniques in construction the use of new materials, the bioclimatic approach, orientation, ergonomics, comfort, proper thermal insulation, optimal cooling – heating, low energy footprint, smart electrical applications are the factors that affect our design and result in high quality solutions.




Our Timeline

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet its requirements. A project is managed in several phases.

Managing a construction project is a complex and complex subject and requires many skills and a wider field of knowledge in order to become effective management.

The way we manage a project depends on 4 basic parameters:

  • The scope of the project
  • The time
  • The cost
  • The quality


Three Residences in Voleri district, Chalkida

Two new projects got a building permit

Two new houses took building permit and started to get built.

  1.   Ecological and bioclimatic residence in Theologos, Evia.
  2.   Three Residences with swimming pool in Voleri district, Chalkida.


Restoration of the Municipal Market of Chalkida

Our office won the third prize in the architectural competition as a team with Kizis Architects

Restoration of the Municipal Market of Chalkida and the attached square.

The main purpose of our proposal is to restore the Municipal Market to the original scheme, and to offer new experiences of public space, having the old market as a major landmark.

The main interventions are:

  • Reconstruction of the square and the market, in order to make a trade and recreation area both in front of the Municipal Market and in the surrounding area.
  • Areas with tall deciduous trees surrounding the low green area.
  • Basements utilization in the center of the Municipal Market and construction of a rooftop with solar panels.


We received a construction permit from the Athens Museum Council for the Archaeological Museum of Chalkida antiquities exhibition.

In the new Arethousa Museum restored listed building we designed the antiquities exhibition and showcases.


Apartment building at 26 Miaouli Street in Chalkida

We completed the apartment building at 26 Miaouli Street in Chalkida

An eight-story apartment building on a 415.00 sq.m. plot was developed, consisting of 8 apartments, 6 parking spaces, and warehouses.